GIIB Holdings Berhad



GIIB Group has been providing outstanding products and services to over 60 countries worldwide. We develop, manufacture, and market rubber and rubber-related compounds. We also offer free consulting services in compound development, mixing, and retreading with every purchase from us. 

GIIB Group has had exponential growth since its inception in 1990. To top it off, we also have extensive distribution networks around the globe. We strive to continuously offer the highest quality rubber compounds, rubber-related products, and services through continuous investments in the latest technology, innovation, and technical expertise. 

Rubtek™ represents the category of business that makes custom, specific, and unique rubber compounds for use in manufacturing like conveyor belts, automotive parts, construction components, fluid transmission, and many other unique products. Our diverse range of base polymers, carbons, and various recipes opens up many permutations of the specific products that may be required.

Supercool™ represents the highest level of compound available in the retreading industry. Having been used since 1989 and catering to various applications in various countries, it has made its name for fleets that have appeared in the Guiness Book of Records.